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Overview: Dedicated Assistant

The TaskDepend Saved Assistant program assigns one of our mates to work specifically for you. A true virtual subjective mate will get to know your strategy requisites, working style, and how you want your works. Saved Mates help our membersfootballplayerszone.pl gain perspective and clarity by taking on- going tasks off their to- do list so our members can train on the big picture. The working relationship that can be reared with a true subjective mate is priceless.

A true virtual subjective mate equals subjective and subjective service without the added outlays normally associated with a new worker. 
The Devoted Adjutant service gives you access to your own complete agent, consecrated to your demands, accessible by card, IM and phone. Consecrated Adjutants are available 24 hours 5 days a week from Sunday Night through Friday night.

Your Devoted Assistant will bill only for the time spent working on your specific blueprint, in 5 flash accruals. You can always see how earth-shattering time you have remaining in your month’s plan in the TaskDepend.

5+ Years of experiences

Repetitive Tasks Eating Into Your Productivity? We Can Help!!

Skills that match your needs

Task Depend are trained in their core areas of experience. They before have tons of experience working for customers somehow and can help you streamline your outsourcing process. We match you to the Task Depend whose around experience will make the biggest impact on your workload.

One dedicated Task Depend supported by specialists

jack of all trades is n’t helpful. While all of our TaskDepend Coadjutors can handle general executive tasks, they each have their own professional experiencepreferences, and faculties. We pick the smart one foryou. However, they get advice from a specialist, or the specialist will take over (at no cost to you), If your TaskDepend Assistant ca n’t handle a specific task at any time.

Built-in security & trust

All of our Task Depend undergo background checks, and we’re experienced in the use of smart tech like Lastpass to securely share passwords.

Long term solution with no contracts

Our Task Depend stick with us for years. We expertly manage their workload so you enjoy consistent quality, availability.

One transparent monthly fee

In your monthly fee, everything is taken care of. There are no additional payroll taxes or benefits to consider.

Fast response times every working day

Your Task Depend will respond to you within 2 hours with the task completed or with estimated delivery time if the task is big.

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